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“Art Is” Poetry — No Limits Arts Theatre

The first event was awesome. The next will be epic! Come join us this Friday, June 30th at Kemet Kitchen for “Art Is” Poetry. Be inspired by young poet Taelor Johnson, Cici and The Burban, all amazing spoken word artists. Here’s a little taste of what’s in store from our President, Audrie Mills. “Poetry is […]

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Who is your favorite Artist?

Art is an important part of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. First comes the concept then the creation and while every form of art can be a source of inspiration, Painters are our focus at this time.

Abstract Art is my favorite style of art because it is subject to ones interpretation. Pablo Picasso is one of my favorite artist and sources of inspiration. Who is yours? Who inspires you? Share with me at





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Fashion Is Art!

If you don’t think fashion is a form of artist express,  stop a moment and consider this. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Visual Art– these creative pieces are visually pleasing and can appeal to all art lovers. These beautifully made garments represent three different art forms; painting, sculpture and digital art.

Paintings – The fabric designs of these garments are Modern (right), Art Deco (middle) and Cubism (left). Textile artists use fabric as their canvas, creating some of the most beautiful art that if you wanted you could frame it.Blog

Digital Art  These unique3d-druck-jahresrueckblick-kleidung pieces are made of 3D printed material. Designers are now able to print material with a 3D printer that can be used to make clothing.


Sculpture – These amazing pieces are the perfect example of sculpture art in fashion. The form and details of these pieces are awesome.

Looking for something different, bold and creative. Check out


By Audrie Austin

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I Love Me Some Me!

Life has taught me not to allow what others think of me to dictate my life. People can be cruel and when they are miserable in their own lives they want others to be also. I believe that is why Jesus said: “Love your enemies and pray for those who wrongfully persecute you” (Matthew 5:44) because he knew that there would be haters.20160611_191615

Others opinions of me are never more important than my opinion of myself.  That’s not conceit but Self-Confidence. Learning to love yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself. How can someone else love what you don’t love? My life is not up for negotiation,  the only approval I need to live my life is mine because what I do is between me and God.IMG_0253 (1)

I only have one life to love and since we all know that tomorrow is not promised; I want to live while I can, laugh while I can, love while I can, and be happy. I don’t want more stuff, I want more experiences and memories. I want to travel to new places, meet new people, and try new things.

This year choose you. . . Make a plan or what I like to call a Life List. A list of things you would like to try, places you would like to go and a plan to make it happen. God has gifted you the privilege of Life … why not enjoy it?

Make a Life List and let me know that you are ready to stop existing and start living by tweeting me @audriemills_ and using #lifelist.

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Poetry is ….

Food for the soul. It can Ignite you, Excite you and Enlighten you.


I am Me!
Born Black and Free,
very proud of my Identity.
My naturally curled hair kinky they say,
full lips beautifully made
I’m perfection can’t you see,
GOD  knew what he was doing when he created me.
Dark, light, coffee with cream, I am uniquely made
the way he meant me to be.
I walk to the beat of my spiritual drum
my Heavenly Father His will be done.
I am Me!
Born Black Set Free
very proud of my identity.
I was born in Bondage, Jesus set me free
free from sin to live with him in eternity.
My destiny was purposed before my birth
Christ Jesus knew its worth.
He gave His life a ransom for me
even before I had my identity.
I am Me!
Born Black Now Free
very proud of my identity.
A human being I also be
the only Creation that can command
the attention of the father with the sound of my voice
crying, singing, or in rejoice.
Short in wisdom, not in faith
GOD gave me His saving grace
Mercy He showed, when I was lost in sin
His arms He opened and let me in.
Your acceptance I do not need
His acceptance I do indeed.
To be denied his presence I pray never to know
I cannot live without his love.
The greatest gift I have ever received
is the Holy Spirit from Christ Jesus to me.
I am Me!
Born Black and Forever Free
very proud of my identity.
Poem by Audrie Austin
Art from

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Success Starts In Your Head

Too often we allow the trials of life to interfere with our destiny. We worry about people, things and circumstances we can’t control. We get caught up in the “what ifs” (What if they don’t like me, what if I fail). These are all excuses not to try. There is no success without failure and you can’t succeed if you don’t try.

One of my favorite fashion designers is Roberto Cavalli. Cavalli was born during World War II, on November 15, 1940, in a suburb of Florence. His father was murdered by Hitler’s army so his mother had to sell coal to keep the family afloat. In 1957 Cavalli attended art school, inspired by a fellow student he began to print designs on T-shirts and sweaters, thus began what would become the Cavalli pattern: initial failure followed by eventual success. His interest in textile printing led to him inventing a process of printing that allowed his designs to cover an entire garment, uninterrupted by seams or stitching.Roberto Collage

“Never Be Afraid To Try Something Different”  Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was the first person to print on leather. He created denim and leather patchwork, gold lamé, Lycra in denim for a better fit and sandblasting jeans to print on them. If Roberto Cavalli had let his family history and past failures discourage him, he would not be one of the top Fashion Designers in the world today.

Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination. The Doing Is Often More Important Than The
       Outcome”.    Arthur Ashe 

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What’s Your Style?

If you could put your fashion statement on a t-shirt what would it say? Flipping through Fashion magazines that are on stands now, they are filled from front to back with fashions do’s, don’ts, and everything in between! From the “in” style of hair, to the ‘hottest’ colors for your nails down to the shoes on your feet. All fashion is different, some celebrity inspired, some designer inspired while others were just real life women and men who took their style personally! Which led me to the question what is your style?
If you had to sum up what your personal style is what would it be?
“Born to be Boho” (everything boho chic, earthy, and simple) 

Image result for boho fashion


“The dark child” (everything black, Gothic, Steampunk)

Image result for steampunk fashionImage result for gothic steampunk

“Pardon my French” (You simply don’t care! Its your fashion and you will over accessorize, over colorize, and mix and match as much as you want to!)

Image result for eclectic fashion

Whatever it is…just make sure to take style personally…style isn’t about what the latest trend is, who the 


hottest celebrity is this month and what they were wearing walking the streets of LA. Style is a your personal statement to the world!
Some of us may know what those statements are, some of us may need a little help in figuring that part out but one thing that is for sure…your style is very very personal!